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Hey Gary, first of all I'd like to say that I'm watching your show every time. the stuff that your saying and teaching are right on the money - much, much better than Deangelo's and mystery and all those other feminine "PUA's". The pussification of men around the world is like an epidemic, and it really does feel good that someones out there to save the dying race of men. My question to you goes like that - I'm really intrested in buying one or more of your audio programs, but, tough shit, Im a soldier in the IDF (for more than 2 years now) and my salary is less than 100$ a month (thats what everyone whose under 3 years in the army which is neccessary for everyone to do gets). So my question is to you is this, I already know some of your stuff and techniques and my game and confidence is pretty good aswell, which program do you recommand buying? Ive been putting an eye on 'How to play women' and 'Overcoming approach anxiety'. which one is better?  I'll get both I wont go wrong. Thanks in advance gary, and keep up the good work and fight political correctness which is a desease also here in israel!

-Uni Mor

This CD set Secrets of Being a Gigolo is great for women too, I down loaded it by accident and love it

    — Lynn Turner,

This charm stuff works, a great and forgotten approach. Got the girl I was after for years after listening to this.

    — Charlie Murphy,

I think I have posted here a couple of times, so if I have said this before it's because for once I am both thanking and saying that this stuff works.

I have been studying this whole dating stuff for almost 10 years. Be it reading, audio, and phone consults. Be it the so called "dating gurus", "relationshp books"(at book stores), "media", "watching friends", "online community", etc.

Most of this stuff will work, but it takes years to master, it takes the numbers game, and basically it takes patience and time(basically, they tell you to go to a club or bar and approach at least 10 girls a night 3-5 times a week,which would be 30-50 girls a week and do this every week for about a year. You can see the numbers game will pay off but again this is lame).

Gary does something far beyond what these so called gurus do. First, he does not spend 5 hours with theory 2) he teaches you attitude which is confidence which is indeed what women want) Gary teaches you how to be a MAN which is yet another thing women want. Modern Alpha products are far less money, their consults are cheaper and they will tell you how to get it done, none of this runaround bs that the gurus do (plus the gurus prices are so ridiculous as far as price) they will literally walk you step by step, spoon feed you, customize a training session, they are both friendly and know what men are going through. If they don't help you then you can personally contact me. I don't have the looks, I don't have the money, I don't have the pride, and they have turned my life upside down as far as success with women.


Hey Gary -The sample of the ISA Formula D showed up yesterday as u promised. And we put it to the test. My buddy - a total boozer and general loser - was our guinea pig.

The first thing he did was walk into the club with us and get decked for pissing off the bouncer. Right in front of everybody! Luckily I know everyone at this club personally, so we still got in. John - my buddy - never gets any women, abd having this big knot on his forehead wasn't going to help.

Anyway - still skeptical, we took him into the men's room and got out the ISA Pheromone pack (small enough to stick in your pocket) and put just a touch on his neck and wrists.

Here is where I was blown away - from that point on in the evening, wherever he was in the club, women would start to congregate there. No shit. He usually has all the charm of a guy wearing chick repellent - and it was so out of the ordinary to see women flocking to and around him. The good news is that we had our pick all night and of course that I will never doubt you again. Thanks again for the sample - and I've sent you a picture of John "in action" - 3 hotties ON him. Now - to order my own.

John D

Brodsky is the fuckin best. I've listened to a few of his CDs and rather than use 1 track talking about himself (like all the other dating scumbags) Gary gets on with straight into his material, indicating that Mr Brodsky is all about sharing and helping rather than stroking his own ego.

All the other dating scumbags lecture you, they stand in front of a classroom pulling people to the front because they are the master and you are a frickin loser. I hate that. Gary's CDs are like : right, this is what i've found and here are the reasons, and here are the examples. Brodsky also has a talent for being a good presenter .. he says things in short bursts, rather than over complicated and long sentences. In fact his whole presentation style is light, energetic and very well summarised and formed. You can listen to a whole CD and still feel fresh and energized, and with plenty of new ideas and concepts.

Also I love the commentary he puts in about things, the stuff about society and how people fit in it.

Will he help you get over your fears of pulling women? Yes. Of that I'm 100% sure. Because talking about things seems to lighten the load and that's what it's all about. He also covers what to focus on in your own personality, and how things come across in the women's point of view.

Gary manages to make you feel important again, and to know your place - something that is lacking in today's society

- James Galante

This dudes' material is no joke! After listening to a few CD's and "APPLYING" the techniques, I had two women at work so sprung over me that they were showing up wearing short skirts with no panties. On separate occasions, I had them in the back stairwell with my face up those skirts!

Trust me. I was raised by a single mom and rotten sister. I never learned the skills to handle women, but after I started listening to Gary's CD's, all of that changed. I'm now dating an ex-porn-star!

--Eddy G

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