Candles Candles

Better to light one small candle than curse the darkness.

Truer words were never spoken. Candles, music, flowers and wine – ask anyone what brings these four items together and they should be able to tell you immediately, these are the stuff of romance, the basic building blocks of sex and love. But candles, flowers, music and wine are also the stuff of religious ritual, of some of the most sacred rites dating back to the very beginnings of recorded history.

Why does this striking, though seldom noted, commonality exist? Is it merely an accident that "passion" is the word we use for both sexual and mystical experiences, or is there some long forgotten but still powerful connection at work here?
Candles have been an essential part of the world of magic since the beginning of time. For centuries they have been intertwined. This power has never been lost, only the knowledge of it. What we are offering you here is that essential, primal knowledge, the key to getting everything that you have ever desired.
Think about it, all of you men who have dreamed of connecting with women, getting to know them, getting to talk to them, getting them into bed, one after another, as many as you want. Why is it that some guys can do it and others can't? Of course there are rich guys, athletes and the such that get all the girls they want. But what about the jerks or other idiots you see with beautiful women? The ones you deserve? How do they do it?
With magic. Candle magic. Don't think it exists? Think again.
Ritual candle magic has been around for ages. You probably use it yourself without knowing it. Think not? When was the last time you blew out candles on a birthday cake and made a wish?

Women are drawn to candles. They want them on the table in between themselves and the men they want at romantic meals. They surround themselves with them in their baths when they strip naked and purify their bodies. They want them lit in their bed rooms whenever they take a lover. If you want to start taking a few of your own lovers, it's time to start fighting fire with fire.
We will send you a prepared candle for getting anything you desire – for getting girls in general, or anything else – anything!

Candles can be consecrated to bring you money, fame, power – you name it. Whatever it is you want – whatever – a candle can be prepared specifically for your needs. This is the one, fool-proof road to anything you want. The woman you want, doing whatever it is you want her to do. The kind of sex, the type of sex, with whatever partner you desire, however many of them you desire, it's all waiting for you.

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